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  • Mobsters



    Mobsters clearly romanticizes the mafia lifestyle and while that may be it’s strongest point, it also is it’s weakest unfortunately. The movie is clearly one sided and esentially makes Lucky Luciano look like a saint when in reality he’s no different than the mobsters he kills.
    The movie also has this weird sound issues with it’s dubbing. It’s so noticeable, that it’s kind of hard to ignore.
    But all thia aside, this film is clearly made for fans of mob…

  • Brightburn



    Brightburn is a beautifully disturbing insight into what would it be like if Superman’s origins created an evil being.
    The film feels like a comic book film with slasher elements and I don’t know how but that mix actually works well in this movie. 
    The special effects clearly needed some work and the acting was mostly average except the evil kid because in my opinion his performance was memorable.
    Honestly, if you’re a fan of Man of Steel or a…

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  • Mandy



    Mandy is proof that there is beauty in this world.
    I’m not the same man I was before watching this film.

  • Halloween



    A perfect film for John Carpenter fans, Horror fans and especially Halloween fans. 
    Halloween (2018) manages to change a story that went from predator vs prey to predator vs predator. 
    David Gordon Green managed to create a ride filled with anxiety, laughs, gore and emotion with this film. Do yourself a favor and watch this film but watch the first Halloween movie first.