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  • Depraved



    Hell-bent upon finding evidence of ancient monsters in the modern world (often by exploring how they continue to be reflected in the raw stuff of human nature), Larry Fessenden launched his filmmaking career with a Frankenstein story, and he’s been working his way back to the subject ever since. Traces of Mary Shelley’s mad science can be found in many of the low-budget horror movies that his Glass Eye Pix has produced since 1985, and they’re even more apparent in…

  • Us



    US is an audacious & clever trip through the looking glass that asks how Americans are going to live with ourselves after being reminded of who we really are. a lot funnier than it is frightening — a horror movie for a world in which real life is scary enough on its own. Lupitas! that score!

    definitely some bumps in the road, but i was sold on its big ideas. anything more will have to wait.

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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite



    1. Horatio: The Fastest Duck in the City
    2. Nicholas Hoult?
    3. Sandy Powell
    4. Rachel Weisz
    5. the bunny from the end. you'll know the one.
    6. Olivia Colman
    7. the naked dancing man who looks *way* too much like James Corden
    8. Emma Stone
    9. taylor swift's neo-nazi boyfriend from Operation Finale

  • Carol



    probably as close as I'll ever come to knowing what it feels like to find Jesus.


    UPDATE: i found jesus. Carol was better.