High Flying Bird ★★★★½

Steven Soderbergh loves making heist movies. That was obvious from the “Ocean’s Eleven” trilogy, and the more recent “Logan Lucky;” in less explicit ways, it’s also evident in many of his other films. And while it’s likely that Soderbergh has a soft spot for thieves, it’s more accurate to say that he’s drawn to stories about people who try to steal back a measure of self-worth.

“Erin Brockovich” has the trappings of a legal drama, but it builds to a final scene in which its heroine scores a personal supply of restorative justice from the pockets of a corrupt system. “The Informant!” is an off-kilter comedy about a whistleblower who embezzled millions from his own company while snitching on his employers to the FBI, but Soderbergh can’t resist asking why someone would commit fraud after being granted amnesty. “Side Effects” might be misdiagnosed as a psychological thriller, but reveals itself as the warped tale of a young woman — married to a convicted swindler — who hatches a luridly complex long con to steal herself away to a better life. She almost gets away with it, too. As Jack Foley once said: “You’d be surprised about what you can get if you ask for it the right way.”