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  • Kedi



    Cute, but even a meagre eighty minutes is a tad long for this. Funny enough this was the most packed I’ve ever seen the local movie theatre.

  • Double Lover

    Double Lover


    It was good.
    But could’ve been much better.

    What I liked most about it was perhaps the fact that whether or not you suppose the twin brother was real, the story still works. So symbolism heavy though.

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  • Akira



    Thirteenth watch of Japanese July. A brief synopsis of Akira. It's 1988 and Tokio is destroyed. It’s 2019 and Neo-Tokyo is awesome. Kaneda yells: “Tetsuo!” Tetsuo yells: “Kaneda!” *Explosion* Tetsuo yells: “Kaneda!!” Kaneda yells: “Tetsuo!!” Some more beautiful animation. *Explosion* Kaneda yells: “Tetsuo!!!” Tetsuo yells: “Kaneda!!!” MIND BATTLE. Bodily mutations, so many bodily mutations. “Kaneda…” “Tetsuo!” *EXPLOSIONS* “Tetsuooooooooooooo!” MIND BATTLE. More stellar animation, yet another explosion, another mind battle and some more explosions. “Kanedaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

  • Léon: The Professional

    Léon: The Professional


    “This is from Mathilda.”

    Jean Reno, a thirteen-year-old Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman. This trio rocks Léon, managing to give heartfelt personality to an ‘action’ movie (although this aspect of the story mainly situates itself in the opening and closing fifteen minutes — some great fucking minutes that is). This film really is an has-it-all: the drama, the action, the happiness, the sadness, motherfucking Stansfield. Léon is the sort of film that inspires people to delve deeper into the medium…