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  • The Merry Dwarfs

    The Merry Dwarfs


    Silly Symphonies #5

    This is an odd little piece with bug sized little beings who dance and cavort like every day is Midsommer's day. It's a ripe party and the dwarfs are getting smashed! And their bizarre antics make for good fun.
    The music really drives the whole piece - and the characters are fun little guys.
    The Disney team seem to be testing out replication of gags as a way to connect with young audiences. Almost every bit gets…

  • Three Orphan Kittens

    Three Orphan Kittens


    Silly Symphonies #56

    The animation on this shorty is quite strong and the film does it's set up and gags pretty well. It milks the right amount of sentiment, it plays along with the right amount of mayhem, but doesn't try to go very far. Too bad about the racial stereotypes (that doll is weak) but that's fairly typical of Disney in that era.

    The best bit is the sequence on the piano.

    Followed up with More Kittens shortly after.

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  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    I'm surprised I liked it given the general consensus that this film was a bust.

    It's just got a different tone - it's own tone. And that kind of thing can turn some people off. This film bathes itself in it's own mood, in it's own juices, in it's own blood - and as such, it's obviously very self obsessed and overdone - but that's not a bad thing. I respect that the film is it's own trip - with…

  • Enemy



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Is this a Rust Cohle flat circle or another Lost Highway?

    There's so much going on here and it's difficult to decipher. Here we are in this tale - with doppelgangers, voyeurism, sexual deviance, unremembered pasts, cyclical histories doomed to repeat...

    We are in chaos it seems.
    From the opening title card about 'Chaos being undeciphered order', through all the backdrop chalk sketches on Adam's chalkboard. It's because we're in it - that we don't understand it.

    Another theme here…