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  • Twisted Pair

    Twisted Pair


    Is it just me, or is Neil getting crazier?

    A new Breen is always the most anticipated of any year, and while not quite on par with his finest offerings, Twisted Pair did not disappoint, and is very much it’s own individual work.

    From shouting things like “I never had a beard!” to stalking and attempting to rape his wife/girlfriend/sister/what the hell is the nature of their relationship, to flawlessly executing a dual performance both physically and technically, to a…

  • Summer of 84

    Summer of 84


    Man, did I not like this.

    It’s awkwardly paced from frame one, and never quite rights itself or finds a groove. It’s script feels forced and lazy. These kids have practically zero chemistry together and almost no charm on their own. Seriously, I wasn’t feeling this one at all.

    And boring. Just drawn out and boring.

    Rather than dig it’s heels into a game of cat and mouse, ala Fright Night, it plays at a mystery to it’s own detriment.…

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  • The Karate Kid, Part III

    The Karate Kid, Part III


    Ten years ago, nuclear was the preferred waste. You could dump it anywhere! Now...everybody's a detective!

    I absolutely love The Karate Kid Part III. I know you don't, but you should.

    Why should you love it? Well, there's a lot of reasons, but most of them just boil down to 3 words:

    Terry Fucking Silver.

    Where the fuck did he come from? He feels like he's plugged in from some bizarro, unmade Bond film - so unapologetically villainous, so cartoonishly…

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    It may sound (and it certainly seems) cruel to willfully murder animals on screen as Cannibal Holocaust is notorious for and wont to do.

    However, this techinque (moralistically dubious as it may be) allows the movie to transcend the mere presence of a gore picture. By the time the cannibals begin killing the filmmakers, you believe it wholeheartedly. You are not thinking "Oh my, what a wonderful special effect that is." You're thinking "Jesus fuck, they're fucking killing these fucking…