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  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil

    This was the way to experience this movie. On a huge screen, in a packed theater, on 35mm, preceded by a Milla Jovovich themed drag show. Queer Horror is a Portland treasure.
    I had never seen this before and honestly I didn't have much interest, but a close friend of mine was VERY insistent we go. I'm glad I did, it was a great time. Anderson is pretty adept at making fun, slick action scenes with a lot of style.…

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die

    Probably the best double feature I've ever experienced. First up was The Dead Don't Die at Cinema 21, then my buddy and I jumped into the car and drove to the Hollywood for a screening of Resident Evil on 35mm. Both zombie flicks, both great in their own way. It was like seeing a poet give their interpretation of the apocalypse followed by a carnie fire-eater.
    The best thing I can say about The Dead Don't Die is that it…

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  • Super Mario Bros.

    Super Mario Bros.

    Just saw this on a pristine 35mm print, it looked like it hadn't been screened in 20 years.
    Something about this movie really captured my imagination when I was a kid. I watched it obsessively with my brother. We got to the point where we could recite every line and we would often act out the movie simultaneously while it was playing on our TV. It never even crossed my mind that it could be so reviled by so many.…

  • Con Air

    Con Air

    The best Michael Bay movie that's not directed by Michael Bay. Hard bodies, lots of 'splosions, a Trisha Yearwood single tie-in, and an innumerable amount of racial stereotypes.
    Con Air is a blast to watch and if you're lucky enough to see the "Unrated Extended Cut" of the film, you get one of the great dialogue exchanges in action movie history. The convicts learn that Cameron Poe (Nic Cage with a phony southern accent) killed a man in prison named…