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  • After



    Fuck no! c'mon man. This is dreadful.

  • Captive State

    Captive State


    I was interested in this movie, but after several minutes into the story, I completely lost interest and stopped caring about everything that happened.

    The main problem I believe is that his story is way too farfetched, there's a lot of exposition in the dialogues and the characters are bland and boring, the idea is kind of interesting, but the truth is, that is poorly executed.

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  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    This movie had an incredible amount of potential, unfortunately, doesn't succeed in delivering something meaningful.

    The biggest negative for me in this movie is the fact that the atmosphere is not maintained throughout the entire runtime, actually in some parts, the film doesn't know how to continue with an intriguing plot. Also, I don't know if the script follows the exact format of the book, but if that's the case then the movie has one major problem and its the…

  • Museo



    Esta va en español...

    No soy malinchista ni nada por el estilo, pero cada vez que estrena alguna película mexicana siempre termino evitándola, pero de vez en cuando se estrenan ciertas películas que sí valen la pena, entre ellas me llamó mucho la atención está protagonizada por Gael Garcia Bernal.

    Museo es una interesante película, con solido guion a cargo Alonso Ruizpalacios quien también funge como el director y de Manuel Alcalá en el que desarrollan de buena manera el…