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  • Bitter Rice

    Bitter Rice


    Sexual politics. Such a sensual, lively and engaging film. The social commentary almost fades away due to De Santis' pulp remodeling of neorealist tropes and flourished settings, but the actresses are absolute magnetic centers and there are a lot of moments here that stick. And there are Mangano's legs.

  • Pursued



    A thin line between love and hate. Shadows and flashes of light from the past, lurking like a curse, a trauma that makes it impossible for us to belong, preventing us from finding love, as we must keep fighting hate and destiny. I am so aggressive towards a world that I never quite understood, as everyone around me is as impulsive and unstable as I am. Somewhere between a film noir and a western, between contrasting shadows and nature’s vast…

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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    Hollywood as a pynchonian puzzle where our misogynistic imaginary turns objectifying sex into the founding structure of our economic and cultural system. We work because we fuck, we buy because we fuck, we fuck because we need to survive. Culture is violence and alienation. It's interesting how derivative it may seem in certain aspects on a descriptive bias (Lynch, Hitchcock, Altman, Kelly and more are occasionally brought), but it somehow stands out in its stoner oddity, perhaps too self absorbed…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    Insufferably trite, hollow humour allied with an overbearing nihilism, blunt and dumb, a quest for transcendence by immoral means (it tries really hard to turn its immoral perversion into unmoral lack of meaning, but obviously fails, clashing in some kind of empty concept on the meaningless of action in an amoral world and capitalism's drainage of value with the depersonalization of matter in the idea of property, everything showcased with von Trier's usual cynical self-conscious approach, bloated and idiotic). So…