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  • Stand by Me

    Stand by Me


    This movie is and will continue to be incredibly important to me, and i’m so thankful for its existence. 

    Stand by Me revolves around a group of friends went in search for a body of death boy, their mere curiosity gradually changes into a journey through life that defines them as human beings. 

    The story is much darker than I was expecting. as conflicts subdued on their way, it peels off personal stories that illuminate each of the kids’ characters.…

  • Kahaani



    Kahaani remains my best choice of Bollywood crime-thriller movie. The film is way too spellbinding, mostly because how slick it’s pieced together, extremely well made story. 

    It is an original drama about a pregnant woman searching for her disappeared husband. as the quest goes on with the help from an policeman, it contrary evolves into a far more complex and clueless case. There is an intriguing premise at work here along with equally intriguing characters, drag us into a sense…

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  • Wonderstruck



    Brian Selznik’s Wonderstruck is one of my favorite children book in my life. However when the movie adaption was being made I was slightly sceptical I could enjoy this version as much as the book. The world of two deaf characters told back and forth in different timeline would felt tedious and lame in big screen. But fortunately I should put my presumption down after I watched it then. Thanks God they serve us a beautiful judgement of the story.…

  • Persona



    A film that makes me aware that I’m only 85 minutes away from being totally depressed.