Cold Hell

i've connected with lots of countries via cinemo, even down to a city level recently, but my own i've always neglected!

which is not fully on me since austria makes like what, 2 films a year? it seems to be getting better lately, as the occasional one will pop onto my radar here and there, but yeah we just do not make em like that. the only times i've seen vienna on the screen now was twice, three times counting in an oldie.

so that'll be my bias here. vienna is tiny, so everything here is familiar to me. it's very exciting to 100% click into a film as something directly relateable & seldom represented in cinema. as similar as austria and germany are on surface level, they're very distinct countries with their own culture and language (dialect, slang). (mainly talking vienna cuz idk what the rest be doin in those mountains) 

i was very impressed by the production values! realistic gore is kind of a mainstay of german language horror, for better or for worse, but ontop of tht we get car chases, coppers getting beat up, shootings, and an explosion even. just something i've never seen goig down round here unless it was a mission impossible segment.

as far as the religious killer motive stuff goes, i'm not 100% sure on what it's trying to say on a deeper level tbh, or wheter it even is. it's obviously critical of religion, pro liberated women, she a thai boxer n she show it often, but wheter or not theres a deeper meaning tied to additional info we learn about the killer, not entirely sure. it definitely adds flavor to what otherwise could have been rather barren, character motivation wise.

i'm too biased because as i said, so much of the setting and mood was directly relateable to me, but i'd think this stands solidly on it's own two feet as euro arthouse thriller offering. i hope some of the raw newness of this seldom seen setting also translates to non local viewers. 

violetta schurawlow carries the film with her popping facial expressions. she completely sold me as turkish woman, had the eyebrows and all, despite, as you may have noticed by the name, not being one! very surprised to learn she's actually uzbeki (i shoulda known when she started boxing ppl), AND not even austrian! such is the cinemo landscape here that we have to export talent to make films elsewhere and import em to make em here. speaks to her performance that she sold me on both those things. felt very auhentically local.

that 80's dtv ass poster is surprisingly fitting once it all makes sense. i respect them for going with it.