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  • Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe

    Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe


    The story emerges directly from the earth, not from nature, though, but from contested acreage. The soil is poisened from the start, from the first shot even (if I remember correctly), when a mysterious figure emerges in between two ploughing carts. The film spends quite a bit of time on the feud of two stubborn farmers, one bulky one stocky, while the experience of their children (one boy and one girl - the Romeo and Julia of the title, of…

  • Losing Ground

    Losing Ground


    Once you start researching ecstasy there's no telling where you will end up at. In this case, a dry, smart relationship comedy gradually makes way for rivettian playacting that culminates first in a magnificently awkward dance scene (five people suddenly finding it impossible to place themselves next to each other in one frame) and then in the kind of masterstroke ending that perfectly sums up the whole film and still seems to come out of nowhere.

    Bill Gunn dominates the film a bit too much at times, which might be the point, but it also leaves a few very promising avenues unexplored.

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  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

    Casting Brie Larson as your first female solo hero when you have Scarlett Johansson in your line-up is a very Marvel thing to do. These aggressively pedestrian big budget "spectacles" really are a disgrace to an industry that used to live and breathe glamour even on poverty row.

    (Ok, there’s a somewhat decent Samuel L. Jackson on autopilot performance and a few stylish Gemma Chan moments. But that’s it, really. The 90s hommage theme especially is beyond lazy.)

  • Us



    A baroque horror extravaganza like this will find studio backing only under very special circumstances, especially these days. So before everything else, I’m just glad it exists. And that there’s so much joy in it, of course.