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  • Deep Cover

    Deep Cover


    This only loses a star because of the treatment of the women as mostly props. The rest of this fucking rules. Bill Duke's weird directorial sensibilities fit well on the pretty bland undercover/drug kingpin narrative. I like that he actually traces the drug trade to its source, which of course is the U.S. government.

  • Little



    The fact that 13-year old Marsai Martin gives a good performance AND executive produced this movie is more impressive than the movie itself.

    I admire that initiative, but leave the transphobic jokes and extremely uncomfortable jokes about a child hitting on her teacher out of future projects.

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  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    Del Toro makes several ill-advised leaps in logic to get to the point of his Creature From the Black Lagoon fanfic turned 20 million dollar doomed romance.

    First, all we know of the fishman is that he understands rudimentary English like "egg" and "friend" and that he lacks any sort of recognizable human speech apparatus. Second, he is clearly not versed in human custom or at the very least Western ideas about courtship. Third, Elisa goes from "you are my…

  • Alien



    Can we take a minute to talk about Jones the cat?
    Is he in cahoots with the xenomorph?
    Does he like promise to lead food to it in exchange for safe passage?
    Or was it something more diabolical?
    Is Jones really the brains behind the whole operation?
    Is that why he doesn't want Ripley to put him in the box and get him off the ship?
    Was Jones planning on an alliance with the xenomorphs in a grand scheme to…