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  • The Work

    The Work


    This film completely exhausted me emotionally and physically. My body was literally aching afterwards and even after the cool shower I took just now I am still feeling like I've just been in a car accident. Nothing has shaken me like this since Lake of Fire. And I haven't cried this much since Lion.

    Watching men fight through their toxic masculinity is intense to say the least. I think I experienced the full spectrum of non-romantic emotions while watching this.…

  • Faces Places

    Faces Places


    The most underrated art today is art that brings innocent joy. And that is so strange to me seeing as we all create and consume art because there’s some satisfaction in the process. But now that the leftfield and the edgy and controversial have become the norm, appreciating art and imagination simply as a source of joy and means for us as human beings to connect in meaningful ways is sort of uncommon and less spotlighted. And perhaps because of…

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  • Ant-Man and the Wasp

    Ant-Man and the Wasp


    Pretty much on par with the first. Just as many good laughs, exciting Christophe Beck score coupled with great action and how-did-they-film-that fight scenes. And the film overall withstands a second viewing. The issue I have, which is the same as several other marvel entries, is just what they chose to include and focus on.

    I think finding Hank’s wife Janet is a good focus, since Ant-Man has been established as a bit more family oriented superhero adventure. And it…

  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok


    This was as great as everyone said! Taika Waititi’s New Zealander sense of humor shines through all of this wonderfully. The lightheartedness is what keeps things from getting stale. It seems to me like the “cosmic” Marvel stories succeed more with humor, and the earth bound ones have more freedom to be serious and get away with it. 

    I appreciated getting to see Hulk’s personality, as distinct from Bruce Banner’s. It makes perfect sense that he’d be comfortable in a…

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  • Zombieland: Double Tap

    Zombieland: Double Tap

    all I wanna know is... will Bill Murray return as a zombie?

  • Skin



    When you’re a white director, maybe triple double check about using blackface in your movie as punishment. The irony this short goes for is amateurish to say the least. 

    This felt so problematic I’m not sure I can unpack it well enough. Stereotypes on stereotypes. Hate speech and hate crimes to get a rise out of an audience. Revenge to make the audience bloodthirsty. Blackface. 
    Wait, what?

    This felt like it was made by someone not woke whose favorite film is American History X. Looks like there’s a feature-length version now too. Maybe it will redeem itself.