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  • Suspiria



    10. A Horror released in 2018

    There is too much to go into here without making it seem like rambling. I will say I am a huge fan of the original, and while they share the same bare bones premise, they are entirely different movies and I love it for that. Argento’s is such an aesthetically and tonal experience with very little in regards to character and story structure. While this β€œremake” is the complete opposite. To even go…

  • Us



    4. Horror Film Released in 2019

    At first I didn’t love this film as much as I had wanted, but was pleased watching a very decent horror film. But for a whole weekend I kept processing what I just watched and looked into the meanings more and it definitely blew me away with it’s ingenuity. Absolutely one of my favourite horror films now and personally better than Get Out. Jordan Peele loves horror and it shows, the themes about…

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  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil


    revenge is a dish best served cold

    Hooptober V and OHMC 18

    How far are you willing to go to get your own justice and revenge? Are you willing to become a monster and inhuman? 

    From start to finish, every line, every scene, and every shot was perfect and suspenseful. It’s right up there with The Wailing for me, and it goes to show that korean horror is on a whole other realm of existence

  • Revenge




    Finally a rape-revenge exploitation film that dives head first into the revenge and doesn’t waste screen time with long rape scenes. From the peyote visions and self surgery, to the intense final act that leaves you on the edge of your seat this movie will hold your attention. Doing this hooptober is just making me realize how better foreign horror films are