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  • Poison



    As if I wasn't gonna dig a queer issue picture as formally ostentatious as this, cross-cutting between three distinct formal schemes and ending up as a wild combination of Fassbinder, Whale and any number of corny TV documentaries. Shades of Maddin too, but far more engaged with the outside world than his sealed-off universes. Definitely a show-offy debut feature, but earns it with ease.

  • Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses

    Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses


    Mostly a rehash of the first that thinks what it needs is higher stakes and some satire on religion and communism. It doesn't need those things, and they mostly fall flat, but all the stuff I loved in the first one is still just the same here. Just the same, with minimal fresh humor to offer... but whatever, it still makes me smile. I love Aki's vision of Americana as "everything looks like a Hopper painting".

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  • Too Old To Die Young

    Too Old To Die Young


    Refn doubling down on everything that makes him so divisive - if The Neon Demon went "beyond feminist," this thing goes even further, with the white-hot searing rage against those who exploit women that might be explosive in a picture with a reasonable runtime stretched out into lengthy neon tableaux with basically no regard for pace. So... catnip for us Refnomaniacs fed up with toxic masculinity and terrified at the creeping resurgence of fascism, a slow drip of fury unfurled…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    I've never really considered myself much of an outsider. But I am, aren't I? I've always gravitated towards more esoteric media, and even if I'm always excited to share my obscure findings with anyone willing to listen, it does make my taste somewhat hermetic. What really makes me an outsider, though? I would never define myself by the books I read, the movies I watch, the music I listen to. I'm an outsider by nature- autistic and Jewish. No matter…