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  • Freaks, Nerds & Weirdos

    Freaks, Nerds & Weirdos

    I remember this MTV special from back in the day. It gave me a lot of false hope that there were others like me. All scored by the most popular bands on "college radio". I went to that first lollapoloser. I saw Nick Cave at 10 in the morning, couldn't find stage 2 (so regrettably didn't get to see The Frogs) and went home at noon. I took a couple books to read.

  • The Angelic Conversation

    The Angelic Conversation


    i have waited 20 years to see this and i was not disappointed. this is a 70 minute moving painting. beautiful! the Coil soundtrack is subdued. i was wondering what would have happened if they had used fuller sounding Coil songs. i think it would have taken away from Jarmen's artistry.

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  • Satantango



    LONG review to follow...
    you asked for it.
    Thematically the book and movie deal with the tedium of life. The book accomplishes this through the lack of paragraph structure. The movie accomplishes this through long shots of money being counted with a constantly ticking clock, endless scenes of characters walking through bleak landscapes, drunks repeating the same story over and over again, the accordion song that will never end, rain, rain, and more rain(redemption), and the shear length of the…

  • Hoop Dreams

    Hoop Dreams


    1994? why is it every white man in this looks like he thinks its still the 70s?
    a look at how white men in power use young black men as a commodity. i know this system allows the disadvantaged to get a college education, but i would love to see college sports done away with. in my utopia, colleges would care about academics, not throwball.