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  • Hustlers


    it's such fun!

  • Frisco Jenny

    Frisco Jenny

    Heartbreaking! Chatterton is amazing in this.

  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter

    loving and appreciating this so much more than i did five years ago

    mitchum does things with his voice and his body that i can only describe as feral

  • Sweet Smell of Success

    Sweet Smell of Success


    I love these two gay asshole self-destructive ex-boyfriends. This movie will never get old to me. It's acidic and petty and bleak and gay, so fucking gay, and it always will be.

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    Oh, you bet it still fucking holds up.

  • Blinded by the Light

    Blinded by the Light

    as someone who cried herself to sleep for endless nights in november 2017 listening to joni mitchell's blue album...... i can relate to loving something so much you run out into a storm and just lean dramatically on things

  • Autumn Sonata

    Autumn Sonata

    hits you right in the mommy issues

    finally a bergman (ingmar) film i can get behind

  • Smart Woman

    Smart Woman

    mary astor and edward everett horton are in top form here!

  • The Palm Beach Story

    The Palm Beach Story

    Twist is the wrong word but the reveal at the end had me snorting.

  • The Fury

    The Fury

    this is why you need to have conversations about parenting strategies before you have kids because otherwise your ex-boyfriend will stage a vague terrorist attack and kidnap your shared son because you won't enroll him in a real school and will just continue to have swimming contests with him on the beaches of tel aviv

  • Opening Night

    Opening Night


    "I am not me! I used to be me. I'm not me anymore."

  • Trapeze