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  • Stockholm



    Not a perfect movie by any means but still incredibly entertaining! Hawke completely steals the show in his role, and while for the most part his performance is over the top (in the best way) he still gives his character a very believable sense of vulnerability and humanity. 
    I also appreciate that despite the absurdity of the entire ordeal, Burdreau is able to maintain the seriousness and consequences of the situation apparent in every scene. 
    A good, recommendable, lil 90 minute flick

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    pros: visually striking, dreamlike editing that makes the whole thing engaging and worth getting through, genuinely memorable musical sequences 

    cons: gallo is completely unlikeable as billy and even his background doesn’t quite justify how awful he is. men be sucking at this movie shit sometimes.. 

    what a weird movie

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  • Persepolis



    this movie and the graphic novels it's adapted from are some of the most warm and human pieces of media i've come across in my whole life, no exaggeration on that. endlessly relatable and beautiful, i love this fn movie !

  • The Legend of Cocaine Island

    The Legend of Cocaine Island


    it’s amazing what white people get away with i’ll tell ya