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  • Chef



    delicious looking food, but thats about it

  • Midsommar



    Have you guys all gone mad? This film was not very good.

    Good acting, good visual sense, sure. As with Hereditary, it had a strong first half, but fell apart the longer it went on.

    Dani, while wonderfully portrayed, is a very inactive protagonist. She shows almost no curiosity about the pagan rituals and ritualistic suicide she witnesses, and just allows for all sorts of bad stuff to happen to her. The same can be said for most of their…

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  • Vice



    At the end of the day, Adam Mckay has nothing interesting to say about Cheney, the allure of power, or any of it.

    I commend the film for eschewing the obvious conventions most Biopics fall in to, but the result is a disjointed mess.

    As a satire, it fails to be particularly funny. All the actors do a great job, but all of them approach their role from a dramatic standpoint rather than comedic, which means that most scenes lack…

  • Loving Vincent

    Loving Vincent


    Of course, the real success of the movie is in the visuals. Every scene is a marvel to look at, and the artists did a wobderful job translating van goghs style to movement.

    The story is an interesting set up, built like something of a mystery, though it never comes 100% together, to elevate it from *interesting* to *compelling*. It does a good job of slowly painting a picture of who exactly van gogh was, and why he died, but could also have done more to invest us in the journey of the protagonist (real life van gogh subject armand roulin)