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  • Taking Lives

    Taking Lives


    Decent serial killer thriller, even if the "twist" is ridiculously obvious.

    I wish they tried a bit harder to make it Canadian aside from saying some cities. East coasters don't have American accents!

  • Centurion



    Bland, generic, and boring. Also has a weird filter over the whole thing that makes everything look washed out.

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  • Anna



    5 years later, 3 years earlier, 6 months later, 3 years later, 3 months earlier, 3 years earlier, 5 years later. This movies timeline is a mess. 

    Also, the horribly inaccurate technology for 1985-1990 was really annoying. Laptops didn’t have HD webcams in 1990!

  • The Hidden Fortress

    The Hidden Fortress


    Kurosawa is a master film maker. Plus watching these old films teaches you fun new trash talk, like “I hate the way you blink”