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  • Neighbors



    In which... a surprisingly above average comedy was mined out of such a basic concept... supported by a full ranging cast completely game at doing as much as possible for the joke.

  • Armed and Dangerous

    Armed and Dangerous


    In which... Candy and Levy team up as security guards in a by the numbers mid 80's actionish-comedy which doesn't make the best use of anyone's talents and is entirely forgettable by the end.

  • A Matter of Loaf and Death

    A Matter of Loaf and Death


    In which... the quite dark murder overtones throw the balance of the film off somewhat but the comedy still shines through.

  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

    Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit


    In which... for the feature film the team at Aardman go above and beyond in stakes of story and animation techniques showcasing some amazing set pieces on such a small scale.

  • Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions

    Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions


    In which... a series of short films about inventions fails to build up any real stakes, rather than just a series of quick fire punchlines.

  • A Close Shave

    A Close Shave


    In which... surprisingly so many things that I associate with the franchise didn't actually appear until this film... a solid short as good as the last.

  • The Wrong Trousers

    The Wrong Trousers


    In which... with a better budget and more time the next short in the series managed to craft a much more rounded feature.

  • A Grand Day Out

    A Grand Day Out


    In which... the original Nick Park animation is rough around the edges but shows the charm and comedy that would make the Wallace and Gromit series a stand out.

  • Return of the Living Dead Part II

    Return of the Living Dead Part II


    In which... a sequel which proves not to be any better yet any worse than the original... striking a continuing balance of horror and comedy...

  • The Return of the Living Dead

    The Return of the Living Dead


    In which... the cult classic proves not to be as brilliant as I once remembered personally but still the reasons for it to be such a classic to so many people are well on show throughout.

  • The Bridge

    The Bridge


    In which... a stunning film is made with such a bleak concept in mind... yet the mixture of footage shot from the year on the bridge alongside people who knew those in the footage tells compelling stories, well crafted with the most shocking of all told right the way throughout...

  • 9/11: The Falling Man

    9/11: The Falling Man


    In which... the concept of the film is less about the event in some ways and more a commentary on media censorship and suppression... however the final third looks heavily into the mystery of finding who the falling man was through the original history and various people who had been considered.