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  • Where a Good Man Goes

    Where a Good Man Goes


    Violence as a means to NO END, only a fast track to prison. Such subversion of masculinity and tough guy machismo going on here — wonder if anybody got it at the time or even gets it now. The ending has GOT TO BE one of the craziest, most unexpected and mildly stupid resolutions I’ve seen in a long time...

  • Running on Karma

    Running on Karma


    There is a very determined, comedic mania going on here. I was REALLY vibing hard with it as a thriller, as a super hero variation, as a romance actioner, even as a spiritual mystery — but somewhere along the way i stopped worshipping at its altar. Obviously it had been surreal and spiritual throughout but the variation in the last 20 mins rubbed me the wrong way...nevertheless so much impressive derringdo from beginning to end — Johnnie To is a gift!

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  • Assholes



    Went in feeling extremely skeptical and came out a big time believer. This film is much closer to the Czech new wave than "mumblecore" - expounding on ideas of love and disgust with a visual language that cannot and will not be denied. Every shot has a distinct idea behind it, every plot point is either funny or disarming. Understanding that visualizing disease and sores in the context of romance and sex is still quite transgressive, gives the movie an…

  • Zelig



    Prob most jokes per minute for woody since his early 70s romps and an incredibly executed comedic concept and STILL the movie feels a little bit draggy at 79 is that possible...? Maybe the formal limitations of using talking heads and newsreel footage was a bridge too far. anyway I still loved everything it was doing.