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  • Women Reply

    Women Reply


    "Things are going to change starting now."

    A graceful, optimistic, naïve, time-capsuled, prescient film. It speaks to 1975 and to 2019.

  • Death by Invitation

    Death by Invitation


    Very good. Mystery ‘70s occult.

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  • The Beach Bum

    The Beach Bum


    Someone, I think it was Lynch, recently said you write one scene on an index card and when 70 accumulate, you have a script. Nabokov was an index-carder too. R.E.M./Stipe's observation in "New Test Leper" wryly perseveres...

    I think Harmony's "script-breakdown," which is something people say, which means nothing, and do, which means even less, might, if he ever did such a thing, constitute 710 index-cards. Maybe 790

    Miles for hour, THE BEACH BUM exhibits an efficiency and ultimate emotional…

  • Sympathy for the Devil

    Sympathy for the Devil


    Probably the greatest "music documentary" ever made, despite the cortisone shots from the producers and the fact that it's a fiction movie. It's the only picture that confronts the Rolling Stones and their stupid surmised pedigree of inspiration with the Black Power movement.

    None of the Stones come away from this picture looking good. Their song ("Sympathy for the Devil") is moronic, they work through it like cash shitting infants, and Godard is there to capture all of it, and…