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  • Mata Hari

    Mata Hari


    Garbo sparkles ,shines and smirks until Novarro's constant sweet devotion breaks through to her guarded heart, and all the glitter and glamour fall away to reveal a love unadorned and sacrificial!

  • Anna Karenina

    Anna Karenina


    Garbo gives ! March takes away in all his scenes except the "drinking game". I've enjoyed him in other films, but not this one! When they're together, I don't like her either! Her build-up to the final scene right up to her jump breaks my heart! That final face of resigned despair!!!

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  • Camille



    "Why should you care for a woman like me?I'm always nervous or sick or sad or too gay," quests Marguerite(Camille) to her earnest admirer, Armand. Garbo's camelia courtesan blooms under Armand's care! Yet, her unfolding precedes her undoing!
    Garbo cries! Garbo dies! Garbo rewards her audience with delicate nuanced movements of her exquisitely featured face and elegant form!

  • The Temptress

    The Temptress


    When Robledo sees Elena's(Garbo's)
    unmasked face at a Parisian masquerade, he proclaims her beauty! Her whole persona slumps as as to say, "Anything besides this tired line" But within moments we see they actually do commune on a heart level. And then a whirlwind of death, destruction and ruination transpire ! Elena may long to be loved for herself and not her appearance, but that doesn't stop her from constantly offering a presence that spans from the glamorous to the ethereal! Garbo's portrayal of Elena's final sacrifice and resulting drifting drunkenness grabs you and grips you right down with her!!!