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  • Fungicide


    i would like to live forever in the jrpg world map mountainworld among the ethereal skeleton-barfing hopalong low poly cgi mushroom people. like if a playstation 1 era subterranean dungeon crawler irrupted into our world causing the virtua fighter apocalypse. would be down for the 8hr loop screensaver eco documentary/ambient monster manual version of this.

    also absolutely reminds me why i love dracula 3D so much. i'm also currently loving puppet combo's scuzz vhs indie horror games which are in this vein (and genuinely terrifying, i've kind of been obsessed).

    more low poly ancient-digital cgi horror please!!

    ty James for turning me onto this one!

  • Face of the Frog

    Face of the Frog


    i am immediately 100% into this weird melange of golden era mystery remoteness run against hard edged noir viscerality mashed into the comic book pulp surrealism of masked and costumed supervillains and saturday morning scooby-doo cartoon goofitude with a jazzy fog aura'd gothic horror sipping the viscous mixture from it's cupped talons and now i want to watch all of them. this hits such a sweet spot for me it's unreal. its ambient conservative politics and masculinity will likely render…

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  • House



    Sixty in September: 10/60

    There are so many things to be fascinated by in this beautiful, wild movie, but two things really stick out to me. Obayashi talks about them in the interview on the Criterion materials:

    One is the war and the atomic bombings. Obayashi is originally from Hiroshima. He says, quietly and candidly, that most his friends didn't survive the bombings, as a child. The second is Obayashi's sense of how children view and experience the world. He…

  • Possession



    Hoop-Tober #14

    Ana's spectral screams as she flows and dances like a ghoul in the subway. All I could do was cry at it, with her, for her. Some freeing thing and all the bindings too coming up as blood and spit. Woman spirit birthed up from the grave womb of the earth.

    There are doppelgangers and spies and the shadow of the Wall and monsters and eyes. The man with pink socks. And it is so profoundly sad. It's…