Anwesen Anwesen

Filmed in the Smokey Mountains, Anwesen gets its title from Heidegger's philosophy, which speaks to the earth (being as such) under his dynamic phenomenological term for presencing (Anwesen itself). For it is like his key concept of 'nothing' which itself “makes possible the manifestation of entities as such for human existence [or “being-here,” Dasein]” which gives rise to Dasein's worlds of meaning without being exhausted by them. Thus, we can come to understand the self-seculding portion of what Heidegger called the "essentially self-secluding earth" as it manifests itself in the resistance of Dasein's efforts to bring the phenomenon into the vision of our worlds. We can come to understand the notoriously difficult earth of Heidegger's then as it both informs and escapes our conceptualization of it, as it is a dimension of intelligibility itself.



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