Forbidden Games Forbidden Games

War ... and how it affects the lives of our children

Orphaned after a Nazi air raid, Paulette, a young Parisian girl, runs into Michel, an older peasant boy, and the two quickly become close. Together, they try to make sense of the chaotic and crumbling world around them, attempting to cope with death as they create a burial ground for Paulette's deceased pet dog. Eventually, however, Paulette's stay with Michel's family is threatened by the harsh realities of wartime.




Alternative Titles

禁止的游戏, 无情战火有情天, 偷十字架的小孩, Запрещённые игры, Juegos prohibidos, Verbotene Spiele, Verboden spelen, Brinquedo Proibido, Forbudte lege, Kielletyt leikit, Apigorevmena paihnidia, Tiltott játékok, Giochi proibiti, Forbudt lek, Zakazane zabawy, Brincadeiras Proibidas, Zabranjene igre, Förbjuden lek, Yasak Oyunlar, 금지된 장난

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