GoldenEye GoldenEye

No limits. No fears. No substitutes.

James Bond must unmask the mysterious head of the Janus Syndicate and prevent the leader from utilizing the GoldenEye weapons system to inflict devastating revenge on Britain.




Alternative Titles

007: GoldenEye, 007: Golden Eye, Golden Eye, 007 - GoldenEye, James Bond 17: GoldenEye, Bond 17, James Bond - Goldeneye, James Bond 17 - GoldenEye, James Bond 007 - 17 - GoldenEye, James Bond 007 Goldeneye, 007 Contra GoldenEye, 18 GoldenEye, Золотой Глаз, 007 ゴールデンアイ, L'Oeil de feu, 007 18 - Contra GoldenEye, Τζέιμς Μποντ, Πράκτωρ 007: Επιχείρηση Χρυσά Μάτια, Джеймс Бонд. Агент 007: Золоте око, Джеймс Бонд: Золоте око, 007 Златното око, 007: Goldeneye, El retorno del agente, 007 골든 아이, Джеймс Бонд 17: Золотой Глаз, 17탄 007 골든 아이, Agente 007 - GoldenEye, 007 - 17 - Goldeneye

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