Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

The shocking true story of Henry Lee Lucas.

Henry likes to kill people, in different ways each time. Henry shares an apartment with Otis. When Otis' sister comes to stay, we see both sides of Henry: "the guy next door" and the serial killer.





Alternative Titles

Henry - Pioggia di sangue, Henry - Portrait d'un tueur, Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer, Henry, retrat d'un assassí, Henry, retrato de un asesino, Henry Lee Lucas - sarjamurhaaja, Henry, portrait d'un serial killer, Henry, to portraito enos dolofonou, Henry: Egy sorozatgyilkos portréja, Henry: portret seryjnego zabójcy, Henry: A Sombra de Um Assassino, Henri, portret serijskog ubice, Henry - en massmördare, ヘンリー ある連続殺人鬼の記録

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