Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence of Arabia

A Mighty Motion Picture Of Action And Adventure!

The story of British officer T.E. Lawrence's mission to aid the Arab tribes in their revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. Lawrence becomes a flamboyant, messianic figure in the cause of Arab unity but his psychological instability threatens to undermine his achievements.





Alternative Titles

Arabia no Rorensu, Lawrence al Arabiei, Lawrence z Arabii, 阿拉伯的勞倫斯, Lawrence de Arabia, Lawrence od Arabije, Ο Λόρενς της Αραβίας, Arabistanli Lawrence, Lawrence Ish Arav, Lawrence d'Arabie, Lawrence z Arábie, Lawrence d'Aràbia, Arabijos Lorensas, Arabijas Lorenss, Lawrence da Arábia, Lorens od Arabije, Лоуренс Аравийский, Lawrence av Arabien, Lawrence Arabski, Лоуренс Аравiйський

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