Lifeboat Lifeboat

Six men and three women - against the sea, and each other!

During World War II, a small group of survivors is stranded in a lifeboat together after the ship they were traveling on is destroyed by a German U-boat.





Alternative Titles

Prigionieri dell'oceano, Lifeboat, les naufragés, Canot de sauvetage, 8 a la deriva, Um Barco e Nove Destinos, De schipbreukelingen, Спасителната лодка, Redningsbåden, Náufragos, Pelastusvene, Ston iskio tou thanatou, Mentőcsónak, Livbåten, Lódz ratunkowa, Tahlisiye sandali - Yasamak istiyoruz, Ballast der Wanhoop

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