The Flowers of War The Flowers of War

Fighting for freedom

A Westerner finds refuge with a group of women in a church during Japan's rape of Nanking in 1937. Posing as a priest, he attempts to lead the women to safety.




Alternative Titles

Jīnlíng shísān chāi, Thirteen Girls in Jinling, 13 Flowers of Nanjing, Nanjing Heroes, I fiori della guerra, Τα λουλούδια του πολέμου, Sacrifices of War, The Flowers of War: Taistelu vapaudesta, Sõja õied, Las flores de la guerra, Цветы войны, Savasin Çiçekleri, Cveće rata, Kwiaty wojny, Flores do Oriente, Цветя на войната, As Flores da Guerra, Kim Lang Thap Tam Thoa, 진링의 13소녀

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