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  • Honeysuckle Rose

    Honeysuckle Rose


    I think the correct number is 5. I would be willing to watch the worst rendition of A Star Is Born 5 times consecutively if it meant I would not have to watch this again.
    There is one grace, but it's not a saving grace, and that's a few minutes of Emmylou Harris.

  • Talking Heads

    Talking Heads


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Kieślowski short in which, in 1980, he starts with a very young child what their wishes and fears are, and then asks the same questions to progressively older people, ending with a woman aged 100. Interesting idea and it gives the viewer plenty to think about.

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  • The Passion of Anna

    The Passion of Anna


    Bergman strikes again with this visually gorgeous movie that explores the capacity in us for caring and for antagonism. Divorced Andreas (Max von Sydow) has his Faro island privacy interrupted by Anna (Liv Ullmann), recovering from an accident which claimed her husband and child. Their meeting brings him into contact with unhappily married couple Elis (Erland Josephson) and Eva (Bibi Andersson). There's a back story about a sicko torturing and killing animals. This set-up allows Begman to explore wide-ranging emotional terrain. The actors are top-notch, none better than Liv Ullman who delivers a show-stopping monologue at the mid-point of the movie.

  • Arrival



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Aliens’ attempt at first contact brings linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) face to face with them. Theoretical Physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) is paired with her and the two chart a path toward an exchange of ideas with their visitors. A framing story has Banks, post-separation/divorce, caring for a sick daughter. So, I love the trend in sci-fi toward a balanced diet offering thinking sci-fi along with the shoot-‘em-ups, and I was with this movie every step through the communication…