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  • Leatherface




  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


    Why would you ever try and do a quirky retelling of English legend with the least charismatic actor consistently getting work? Why is it still so long if it's 50% montage? Why are there s&m Nazis? Why does everything simultaneously look overproduced and incredibly cheap? Whyyyyy?

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  • Roma



    Love how the camera moves in this. The control and attention to detail in every scene does so much to make it both immersive and beautiful. Slow in a considered sort of way, with a good amount of tension ebbing and building. A lot of tenderness in the story telling rounds out a great experience.

  • Searching



    Captivating. Hated how it looked for the first 10 minutes and then I was totally invested. It twists and turns so much but does a great job of giving you just enough information for it to seem plausible. Had a bit of a sweat on towards the end.

    A little bit of ropey acting and dialogue around the edges, Cho was great though.