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  • Ghost Ship

    Ghost Ship

    Bad, bad, bad. One star for one of the most excellent openings to a horror film. After that, this movie capsizes.

  • Hostel: Part II

    Hostel: Part II


    I liked this one, but nowhere near as much as the original.

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  • Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare

    Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare


    Don't let my rating dissuade you. Rock 'n Roll Nightmare is atrocious in every way, but that's what makes it so much fun. John Mikl Thor is a bad actor, writer, and singer, but he has a Tommy Wisseau-like narcissism which I can't look away from.

    There's bad Canadian music.
    There's nudity.
    There's stereotypical slasher victims.
    There's awfully bad hand puppets.
    There's an ending which makes no sense.
    There's flying squid frizbees.
    There's the awesomeness of John Mikl Thor.

    It's also available at Rifftrax!

  • It



    A very good adaptation of the first half of King's novel for the big-screen. The set designer made Canada's Derry look a lot like Bangor, the kids had wonderful chemistry together, the soundtrack was fantastic (except for New Kids on the Block, haha), and the practical gore was decent.

    I felt that there was a Stranger Things-vibe, perhaps because the kid who plays Richie was one of the stars), and I was surprised that they didn't hold back from showing…