Angel Face ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

To the people who gave this a low review, I think you have misjudged who the main character in this film is. The movie may star Marion Cotillard playing an alcoholic mother who cannot care for her young daughter, but the main character in this film is none other than Angel Face.

A beautiful character study on the unconditional love between mother and child, Angel Face follows an eight year old girl in the South of France who's mother is incapable of taking care of either of them. Abandoned by both of her parents, Elli follows in her mother's footsteps as she is the only role model she's ever had. She falls into disarray until she meets a man who has also been abandoned by his father, and together the two of them discover a brief moment of happiness.

Don't get me wrong: the most frustrating part of this film is that there is no redemption for any of the characters. You're left feeling uneasy, and at times you might want to claw your eyes out as you watch this car crash in slow motion. But who ever said that movies had to be easy?