Brotherhood of Death ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

After watching a few blaxploitation films, I'll have to say that Brotherhood of Death was surprisingly well made, well told, and fun to watch.

The movie is about three brothers that fight in Vietnam, come home, and have to fight a war of oppression on their own turf. I like how the black population was trying to get their rights back by voting and were rallying with the church, and only took up arms once the whites had turned on themselves.

I like when the main KKK guy, the assistant sheriff, corners the black brotherhood of death and is about to kill them. He gives his speech and halfway through, he's shot by a brother. Thank god, because in real life no one's allowed to give those kinds of speeches. It gave a very realistic kind of vibe.

I also love the scene where the sheriff is killed by the assistant sheriff. It's an amazing revelation that a member of the KKK would kill a white man just because he was helping a black man, and the whisper of 'Nigger lover' as he kills the man just adds an eerie feeling to the whole scene.

There is one scene in particular, a rape scene, where I was just kind of blown away. The girl is running through the trees trying to get away from her white pursuer, the gentle rustling of the trees gave it an almost magical feeling. It wasn't one of danger, but of the beauty of a girl in the forest. Very strange, but also a very wonderful scene in this well put together blaxploitation film. I'm glad I watched it.