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  • Where's the Money, Ronnie?

    Where's the Money, Ronnie?

    [Apologies to casual followers and people who actually look up Shane Meadows' short during the brief window when this'll be up. Nothing for you here. This is just the best way for me to reach those who'll care.]

    This is not in fact a review of the short film "Where's the Money Ronnie!" (which actually ends with an exclamation point, not a question mark), though I saw it over 20 years ago and recall it being quite funny. Rather, it's…

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  • Hotel Mumbai

    Hotel Mumbai



    A.V. Club review. Reminder: I'm the guy who despises Van Sant's Elephant more than perhaps any other film ever made; who firmly believes that United 93 would be vastly improved by cutting every single scene set on the plane; who praised Tower (name-checked in the review) for using animation as a distancing device and completely ignoring Whitman. So settle in for nearly 1000 words questioning what value this sort of thing has.

    One thing I couldn't find room for…

  • Sunset




    A.V. Club review. Had hoped that a second viewing might resolve some of my frustration with the film's last hour, but it still seems to peak about 90 minutes in and then reset. All the same, easily the best-directed movie I saw last year, achieving dazzling immersion while avoiding this era's looka-me ostentation.

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  • Moonlight



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.


    Okay, here we go: Why I think the year's most universally acclaimed film is sorta kinda not really very good. Took a second look to be sure, both because I'm always open to the possibility that I'm wrong and because I served on a festival jury with Jenkins a couple of years ago and liked him enormously, so take no pleasure in being a contrarian here. Had exactly the same reaction, alas. In descending order of importance:

    • I'm…

  • Sicario



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.


    Second viewing, no change. Having now professionally reviewed this film four times (for The Dissolve from Cannes, and then for the A.V. Club, the Nashville Scene, and the Las Vegas Weekly), I thought I had nothing left to say, especially since I made a point of addressing the most common criticisms. But since a bunch of folks are praising Adam Nayman's takedown for Reverse Shot, let me quickly address a few of his points.

    “I have to know,” Kate…