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  • Midsommar


    Much like Marmite, Midsommar seems to be a love it or hate it type deal. And much like Marmite, I hated Midsommar. 

    Relentless scene after scene of singing and dancing with little explanation other than “it’s tradition”, which plays as the excuse for the film’s nonsensical plot. 

    My friends who I saw it with, on the other hand, loved it. But then again, they may also like Marmite... 

    1/5 Marmites.

  • Difficulty Breathing

    Difficulty Breathing

    Thank you all for checking out my film Difficulty Breathing! If anyone is interested in purchasing a DVD, they can do so here:

    Many thanks!

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  • Amnesiac



    Movie would be over in half the time if everyone involved spoke at a normal pace.

  • Metal Days

    Metal Days


    Shozin Fukui's first ever feature film directed when he was a university student!

    Story: A group of punks steal explosives and machine guns from a military base. After a road rage episode with another vehicle, the punks decide to use those stolen weapons against their opponents.

    While the synopsis is small, if you're familiar with other Fukui's work, you'll know he has a way of stretching out single scenes or moments, for vast periods of time.
    Metal Days is a…