Invasion of the Bee Girls

Perhaps because no one intended it as anything more than sexploitation, it's hard to pin down what this is a metaphor for. It could almost serve as a prescient take on AIDS, but there's too many little details off. It's not about the loss of innocence. There's a large anti-feminist dose to this, right down to the heterosexual victory and the fatal flaw in the bee girls' plan being sterility (such a typical sexist response to feminism). But the film has so much fun depicting the bee girls that they (A) come off as sympathetic and (B) are a thousand times cooler than anyone else in the film. If you cut one or two lines and altered the ending even slightly, this would be about sexual empowerment, especially since the film goes out of its way to make most of the men unlikable chauvinists.

Regardless of its at best muddled at worst offensive themes, the movie is fun. The science fiction technobabble is ridiculous. The sex scenes are awkward and drawn out. The outfits are amazing. The dialogue is loaded with puns and sex jokes. The transformation scene is so over-the-top and bananas that it has to be seen to be appreciated, and the effects are simple and visually impressive. And there are bees. So many bees. And a hidden gay sex room. And a radioactive camera. And a man getting run over by a car in the most brutal way. And an angry mob who just want to drive to work. It's just fucking bananas all the way through.