Nine Months

Straight people can't think of any way to get off but missionary, huh. If you're really worried about the baby during sex, find another way to have sex, you boring worms. I mean, come on, how goddamned narrow minded can you possibly be. I mean, if there's some reason for being that vanilla, fine, I get it. If you have hang ups or boundaries or whatever, that's fine, but it's just not even in the realm of possibility in these movies, is it. Just. Learn how to please each other.

This is the problem with straight movies. They are reflections of patriarchy's constraints on love, passion, and sex. When the family unit is viewed entirely as a unit of control, as a means of profiting off people and ensuring the continuation of a system of private property and exploitation, then things like intimacy are ignored, erased. In order to ensure that men continue to hold control over property and profit, women are turned into objects for their desire and exploitation, and the focus becomes entirely on reproduction. Pleasure in intimacy and the possibilities our bodies present to us for connecting are replaced with this narrow view of sex.

It also makes movies like this one focus on the emotional growth of the man. It reinforces the idea of men as children who must be cared for, because that reinforces the idea that women owe men emotional labor. If this were a singular story, it'd be one thing, but this story is told a thousand times over. It's dull.

Grant famously derides his performance in this, and while I don't think it's quite as bad as he claims, it's not his best performance. The charm he usually has is gone, the witty jokes are replaced with insufferable behavior, and the story arc does him no favors. But that seems more on the writing than on him. He chose a bad role. Julianne Moore does better, but her role in the film is downplayed in comparison, which is... probably the biggest flaw in the film.

(There's quite a few misogynist and one or two homophobic jokes, too! And the part with Arnie has stopped being relevant very quickly. And a reference to over-population, which is a myth used to justify genocide. I can't stress that enough.)