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  • Hunk



    When you sell your soul to fit in with rich people because you want to be apart of yuppie culture so bad you get Hunk.  IDGAF this movie is golden. It maybe be ridiculous as sh!t but it still an under appreciated 80’s gem.  Generic scrawny 80’s guy unwittingly sells his soul to the devil to become the generic version of 80’s peak masculinity guy.  His name is even changed to Hunk Golden.  Naturally Hunk gets everything he wants in…

  • Godzilla



    Godzilla’s debut breakout performance.  Nuclear weapons disrupt Godzilla’s home so he returns to the surface world to repay the favor.  He walks around eatin trains and steppin on sh!t.  Classic, iconic and a technical marvel of its time.  The movie is also about the effects weapons of mass destruction has had on society and spends quite a bit of time on the subject. One of the main plot points is whether or not to use a new weapon in an…

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  • Nightbeast



    Spaceship crashes in rural Maryland.  Alien in a silver jumpsuit wastes absolutely zero time killing everyone it sees.  Dudes in flannel get dropped left and right with a laser handgun and they all disintegrate into a pile of early 80s computer type graphics.  The local sheriff gets the whole town involved and puts everyones lives in danger to stop the nightbeast.  Low budget, early 80s, bad acting and funny special effects this thing is pretty amazing.  I would rate it higher if it didn’t have repetitious shots and filler but this is still pretty good and entertaining.

  • BMX Bandits

    BMX Bandits


    Nicole Kidman gets fired and somehow immediately becomes best friends with two dudes she just met.  Together this brand new trio becomes the BMX Bandits.  The kids come across a stash of Walkie Talkies that belong to inept criminal thugs.  Eventually this leads to BMX chase scenes with gags a plenty.  There’s sound effects anytime a BMX bike jumps or zooms past the camera so that’s pretty sick.  What’s not sick is that it takes awhile for this movie to reach its full BMX 80’sness but once it’s there it doesn’t let up.  This is a fun popular Australian 80s kid movie that’s worth a watch.