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  • The Plaits

    The Plaits


    Text by an unknown autor from the Kino Tuškanac website:

    Using the observational method, the film describes the knitting of the braid, a traditional hairdo among women in the villages of Dalmatian Hinterland. There are also some scenes of working in the field.

    "The Plaits" are a typical minimalist documentary by Zoran Tadić. By reducing the documentary structure to images of braidmaking and farmwork, these two types of work become imbued with a metaphorical meaning. They are metaphors of life's…

  • Happy End

    Happy End


    Another shockingly underseen and unknown film from the '60s. Happy End takes the depressing story of a murderer who gets executed via guillotine and puts an ironic spin on it by showing his entire life story in reverse. So, a man whose life gradually gets worse and worse is mirrored into someone whose life gets better and better. The dialogues and situations are cleverly written and absolutely hilarious, and overall the technical skills required to pull something like this off…

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  • Eros + Massacre

    Eros + Massacre


    A few days ago, I watched my favorite movie, Yoshishige "Kijū" Yoshida's Eros + Massacre for the sixth time. When it was over, I felt the urge to watch it once more; there's just something really addictive about it. This review is an attempt to try to put into words what it is about E+M that I find so compelling, why it changed the way I look at cinema, why it still feels so original 48 years after its release…

  • L'Eclisse



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Michelangelo Antonioni's L'Eclisse (aka The Eclipse) is one of the most enchanting movies I know of. It is neither a simple romantic film nor a dry treatise about loneliness and alienation. It's more of a gut-wrenching apocalypse movie than anything else.

    Story-wise, the closest film to L'Eclisse would be, I kid you not, John Carpenter's They Live (1986). In both films, the world is seamlessly overtaken by a mysterious alien force and only the protagonist can see through the deception.…