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  • Cosmos



    this rating only reflects my enjoyment of this film because i am way way uninformed to get any of what this is about but i still enjoyed it so much, maybe it's in a superficial way but that's how it is, this is so my kind of thing... and it's so hilarious.

    i really enjoyed Léon.

    "mais tais-toi donc.
    - se taire, bien. mais penser - ça JAMAIS je ne cesserai."

    “- si un cor au pied peut faire mal,…

  • Blue



    In the pandemonium of image
    I present you with the universal Blue
    Blue an open door to soul
    An infinite possibility
    Becoming tangible.

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  • Bitch



    this is a movie about a housewife, Jill, who crumbles under the weight and pressures of being a housewife and has a mental breakdown, which means that her worthless good-for-nothing shithead husband, through this plight, has to find his humanity and start acting like a father and taking care of his family and taking responsibility, finally connecting with his children. so the story is ok.

    but most of it was unwatchable to me. because it’s filmed like a comedy; the…

  • King Cobra

    King Cobra


    james franco annoys me so much oh my god he needs to accept that he's straight and get over himself