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  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

    Elvira, Mistress of the Dark


    Cassandra Peterson has two tremendous traits that really make this film stand out. Using her gifts to the best of her abilities never fails to elicit a smile.

    Of course i'm talking about her massive comedic presence and the ample portion of comedic timing that she has. Knowing exactly the campy, nudging and winking type of film this is was half the battle add in some fun special effects and some great supporting character and you have a very unique film.

    I really do love this film. I better go before i make a boob of myself!

  • Bunks



    I thought i'll throw this turd on and do some ironing, yes i iron, don't judge me! It looks like made for disney channel fair with an almost goosebumps type of story AND I LIKED IT!

    Seriously, i worried about my sanity while watching this film. It's half summer camp underdog against overly aggressive camp veterans but with kinda non threatening zombies!

    Look it referenced Evil Dead, Re-Animator and Friday the 13th.

    Let's never talk about this again.

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    Simply put this is the best movie that marvel has released yet.

    Right from the start this film wears its heart on it's sleeve when introducing the young Peter Quill in his most vulnerable of moments from then on dazzles you with it's quirky characters and sparkling dialogue.

    I could go on to list my favourite moments in the movie but it would just be a transcript of the film.

    This is the the movie i've had the most fun with in the cinema for years.

    I can't recommend it enough. I'll be seeing this a few more times.

  • Book of Monsters

    Book of Monsters


    PRACTICAL EFFECTS. They’re just so much better than CGI. The occupy a space and let people interact in a way that seems more realistic. Book of Monsters follows the old trope of taking people to a secluded location and killing them off one by one. But it is with such gusto, hilarity and plenty of blood that it can’t help but be infectiously fun.

    Loved it!