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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

    Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion


    I began the show holding firm to the preconceived notion that anime is wanting for seriousness, embracing instead a kind of childish, arch aesthetic that revels in what I now understand is called “fan service.” Forgive me, I know not what I do—and, frankly, I don’t know much, period. Maybe my assumptions are still accurate, on the whole, but this, I’m certain, ain’t what I thought I’d get.

    I add that preface only to acknowledge how wrong I was to…

  • Red Desert

    Red Desert


    Monica Viti: *stares blankly into the middle distance*
    Me: Mikey, you’ve done it again!!!

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  • Ikiru


    Depressing or uplifting?

    Maybe both?

    Ikiru is phenomenal. Another Kurosawa outing with a call for vivacity, but one that opts to forgo the tempestuous rains and wind of other Kurosawa films for softly falling snow.

    Takashi Shimura, relegated to supporting roles in the other Kurosawa flicks I've seen, shines, slinks, and amazes here. He gives what is probably the best purely dramatic and - given Mifune's proclivity to playing over-the-top characters - most grounded performance I've seen in Kurosawa's body…

  • Ugetsu


    Like Ghost but with even more pottery.

    I'm so tempted to leave it at that, but then I wouldn't get to share my completely redundant hyperbole for yet another classic film out of Post WWII Japan which aught'a be included in every major "Greatest Films of All Time For When You Really Want to Fuck With Yourself Emotionally" list.

    Ugetsu is--like many of Japan's films from the period--a means of addressing an upending of what it meant to be Japanese.…