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  • Interview with the Vampire

    Interview with the Vampire

    Last time I watched this I was taking some goth girl's virginity.

    Tbh, I was more interested in the movie. Gotta rewatch now.

  • Mishka



    *Pretends this is a controversial take*

    From the description:

    "11% of the births worldwide come from a teen mother. 31 000 children have a baby every year in Canada. Nearly 820, 000 teens are pregnant each year in USA. More than 16 million teen girls become pregnant each year in the world."


    "MISHKA tells the story of a conflicted 13-year-old and her grim secrets. In the face of an unsettling reality, Mishka makes an alarming decision in a desperate…

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  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    What to say about Die Hard? It's good because the hero feels mortal. Obviously he survives impossible scenarios, but he gets injured enough so that you actually feel concern for him.

    The villain performance by Alan Rickman is also on point.

  • The Beach Bum

    The Beach Bum


    Matthew McConaughey retired from acting and Harmony Korine made a documentary about it.