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  • Deadpool



    This movie was made to be played on FX in the evening.

  • The Last Resort

    The Last Resort


    Potentially great material for a doc that somehow branches off into victim shaming and then a PSA advocating the benefits of digital technology?

    I'm exaggerating, but it definitely doesn't do the artist's life and work justice. Pre-80s Miami Beach seems like just the place to be though, my goodness. Just give me some Kodachrome and a bathing suit... yes please.

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  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    "I'm not sorry. And I'll not apologize. And I'd as soon go to Dublin as to hell."

    Every so often a film comes along and completely redefines our expectations of what cinema can be. For me, one of these was Barry Lyndon. In September 2015 I caught it on TCM and was transfixed. Never before had I seen a film crafted with such care and precision. Two viewings and 17 months later, my opinion of it has only improved.


  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    The ultimate ballad of unchanging behavior. Kenneth Lonergan is a genius. Didn't think I could possibly love this more than I did the first time, but I do. Maybe I'm a freak, but somehow, despite it's emotionally gutting subject material, this movie doesn't depress me nor get me down. I don't know why. The extent of its realism just shocks me and puts me in a trance. In fact watching this tonight resolved the uneasy feeling I've had for the last couple of days. The script overflows with empathy. Without hesitation, a masterpiece.