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  • Midsommar


    watching Midsommar in the theatre is how I imagine watching The Green Inferno was when it was released in 2013, but whereas Roth’s film engages intelligently with the Italian cannibal cycle, Aster is content to pick and choose disparent elements from his favorite horror movies and crank everything up to 11 in an attempt to reach some Lars Von Trier level of provocation. (I read in an interview that Aster saw Dogville with his mom, so maybe this is payback…

  • Barravento


    kept cycling through different readings when trying to pin this film down: failure to protect white virginity, microcosmic colonial deconstructionism, tongue in cheek parody of black Hollywood representation, the black magic/sexuality dynamic, but it kept squirming away from me, so intent on undermining every reading that i'm left reeling and without much to say about this. definitely some kind of masterpiece, and how cool is it that Bresson straight up ripped a scene from this for the end of Mouchette?

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  • Conquest



    finally a movie that lives up to the promise of its poster and then some! this is a masterpiece of the highest order, which is to say its literally Cartoon Network with nubile snake priestesses and dolphins.

  • Pompeii



    well that’s definitely the end of the road for me and vulgar auteurism